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5600 Modular Well

This truly versatile modular window well system can accommodate window widths up to four feet and any depth up to 76-7/8". Individual sections weigh just 24 pounds each and snap together, making the system easy to transport and install. Typical installations use four sections. High-quality, UV-protected polyethylene offers superior weathering capabilities and resists impacts and abrasions.

Width: 61" (at widest point of wall attachment)
Height: (up to 5 sections)
1 section: 20-7/8"
2 sections: 34-7/8"
3 sections: 48-7/8"
4 sections: 62-7/8"
5 sections: 76-7/8"
Depth: 37.5" (from exterior wall to stepladder)
Area: 12.49 sq. ft.

Please note that actual colors may vary from those shown on screen.

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